Saved from the Race Riots

Today the year 10s almost had me thinking they cared whether I die.

“You get the 53 dintya Miss?”

“Yes, why?”

“D’ya live in Woolwich?”

“No, Charlton”

“But you go through Woolwich innit?”

“Yes, I do”

“Miss, you wanna be careful like, cos the Woolwich boys is gonna get them dotcoms innit Chelsea”

“Yeah Miss they is, my boyfriends Somali innee”

“An they’s kicking off at 4 Miss, in Woolwich, in that square by the station”

“So wotcha Miss won’t ya?”

“Or one of them Woolwich boys’ll carry you off innit!”

They disappear laughing. Race Riots. Hilarious. The Woolwich boys are Somali immigrants. The Dotcoms are second generation Bengali immigrants, who don’t like the Somali boys “cos it aint their fucking country”.

Quite sweet, really. Not the race riots, or the bizarre sense of patriotism of course. That the girls warned me. Although a bit scary that they know which bus I get...

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