Miss' debating club is growing. Every tuesday 7 delightful kids are hanging around outside my classroom even before I've even let my class go. (If you've ever done any British Parliamentary debating, you'll appreciate the annoyance of having 7 kids.) I set them a topic, and put the kettle on so that by the time they're prepared to start we can sit down to a lovely debate with a cuppa, and for two hours I experience what it must be like to work in a nice grammar school in a leafy suburb somewhere in North London.

Anyhow, so tomorrow we have the first round of Cambridge, where they have to debate banning the consumption of meat. I've recently finished (and bored my friends to death about) The Carbon Fields, a book about how grass fed cattle can save the planet, which I mentioned to the kids while feeding back on their environmental arguments. Daniel, who has the potential to be pretty excellent, said he was a fast reader, so I said I'd bring the book in for him.

I remembered just as I was leaving the house this morning, and grabbed the book. At lunch time Daniel dutifully turns up to collect the book, and I give it to him. At the end of the day he comes back.

"Miss, you know that book..."
"Have you started it? It's amazing isn't it!"
"Um, no, I haven't... Um... I think you left something in it..."

He is blushing, but smiling, as he hands me a birthday card a friend gave me earlier this year. I'd been using it as a book mark.

The line on the card reads "I couldn't date a man who wasn't into saving the planet. Unless he had a really big cock."

Excellent. Face Palm.

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