Miss snaps.

One of my year 9 classes is worse behaved than all the others, so I've been doing more boring lessons with them (keeping them in their seats, not trying anything too complicated, allowing myself to manage behaviour more than teach really).

I felt bad about this. So today I tried to do something a little more fun, ending in a team quiz. After fighting through this activity with them I was in a terrible mood, and when it came to swap quiz sheets and mark them only one group (the girls) had written more than one answer.

I turned into a mad woman.

"WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH YOU?" I bellow at them. They must have seen the mad look in my eye, as they realised I had finally snapped, shut their mouths, and looked nervously around at each other.

You know when you pause, and think about what you're actually doing, but realise you can't stop or the whole thing becomes even more ridiculous?

So the rant continued: "I am absolutely disgusted, and I cannot understand what went wrong here. Why can 't you behave like human beings? Was it a mistake to plan something a little bit more interesting? A mistake to let you work in groups? A mistake to trust that you could actually do some work without me breathing down your necks? Where did I go wrong, year 9? Help me out, because I am absolutely astounded."

There's a moment of silence (unheard of in this class).

Then one says quietly from the back row: "Miss, I think it was all of them".

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