Not quite googleing myself, but almost...

So this news story led me to do a facebook search for myself... (it's the last week of term, the reports need procrastinating from... oh shh you, give me a break)

I've blacked out my surname, but promise these are all actually my name!

Miss X the model has 273 fans. Sadly this isn't me. I suspect persuading Charlie Grace to show up after school to improve his coursework would be significantly easier if I looked even slightly like this.

We h8 miss X has 0 fans, mwahaha. I kind of hope this is me, and the child who set it up felt such shame/social pressure that he could no longer remain a fan of his own page.

Oh dear. I promise this isn't me either. My dodgy sounding far-from-professional agency would, I am sure, have more than 0 fans.

And I am very sad to report this isn't me either. The We love Miss X :) ♥ from my delightful South London Comp must be elsewhere. I suspect my awesome computer-safety-lessons have led them to have higher privacy controls. Good kids. Well done.

So I find myself in the 6% of teachers who do not have their very own personal hate site. Sad times.

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