Every day's a learning day...

I took six year 10 students to Westminster today to a debate (well they called it that, I would say “discussion group”) hosted by the Anne Frank trust on racism and social inclusion. My girls did me proud.

“So, do you think young people get the chance to be involved in things in school?”
“Yeh, they does, there’s bear chances innit? Even if you’s like only planting them things what flowers grow out of, bulbs innit, like what we did at the common, then that’s somefing good innit?”

I think they actually learned more from being taken to lunch, though. Fighting “McDonalds Miss!” “Nah Pizza hut innit?!” all the way, I took them to a little Italian place. They didn’t know what starters were. They couldn’t the menu. They didn’t realise you were meant to wait for everyone to have their food. They didn’t know how to eat spaghetti with a fork and spoon (and ok, the twisty thing is hard, but they’d never even seen it done…)

Today was pretty educational for me, too.

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