End of term!

One down, two to go...

It was the last day today. And it was really nice. The kids were in a nice mood, there was no real teaching, and of course, there were presents. A friend of mine works in a delightful north London school, where kids regularly give her the most gorgeous things: molten brown hand lotion, John Lewis vouchers, offers to use their Alpine Lodge when the family are in the rockies. Me? I got a box of fried chicken, a Cadbury’s cream egg (where she found it in December I’ll never know) and what looked suspiciously like a stolen car radio.

The biggest event of the last day is, of course, the eagerly awaited staff pantomime.
My performance as tree/villager/party-goer seems to have gone down well. “Miss we saw you in the pantomime!!” (to which I inanely answer “Oh, did you?” as if there is something surprising about this.) “Miss, Miss, we loved your dancing” “You dance like a crazy person Miss!” and even “Miss, we reckon you should’ve been Snow White, cos you look like her innit”. Aw, bless. They’re quite nice, kids, sometimes.

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