Miss 1; 8VH a million

The battle with 8VH is ongoing, and I am loosing.

In this class I have to ignore refusal to complete the work, as my attention being taken up splitting up fights and pulling girls back in through the windows. My head of department is sweet but no practical help. "They're awful aren't they". Yes, yes they are, and I'd like you to help me do something, please. I send letters home, phone parents (African fathers sound terrifying: "Ruth is misbehaving? Do not worry miss, I will solve this problem. She will be the apple of your eye next week. If she is not telephone me. I will sort") After several hours filling in green discipline slips and red discipline slips I realise the effect is less than negligable, as the follow up is done by my unenthusiastic and disorganised head of department.

I wish I could claim my one success so far was planned, but it was sheer serendipity. Kids are allowed to have spend their lunch time in the main hall or in their form rooms. 8VH's form room is my classroom. As I was leaving the room for lunch I locked it behind me out of habit. 8VH were running accross the classroom, using their homework to protect their hair from the rain. "Miss, Miss, open it for us". "I don't think so ladies" "WHAT? WHY?!" "Your behaviour was utterly disgusting today, and I'm in no mood to do you a favour."

This sort of almost worked. They were significantly better this week. Of course they are still demons, but I think I may have crushed some of their demonic spirit. Would be a lot easier if I could just arrange for Lily K to be crushed. By a large falling rock. Or anything heavy and sharp, really.

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