GCSE set 8 make a point

God my job is shit but awesome.

Like my GCSE girls. Who can't write, so they'll probably fail. But they got into a debate about the flat tax last week. And this week one said "Yeh but miss, if we don't buy Nike, cos of all them ladies what aint gettin no money or piss breaks or whatever, then Nike'll go bust and we won't get no bags and shoes and whatever, and then they won't have no job at all an that’s worse innit miss?" I was so excited. "YES! THAT IS AN ARGUMENT! I AM SO PLEASED!"

I’m certain they think I'm nuts. They gave me the exact look they give me when I do the whole "reinforce the positive" thing: "I AM SO PLEASED TO SEE YOU! EXCELLENT YOU REMEMBERED A PEN!! FANTASTIC!!" I wonder whether I sound sarcastic. I sometimes feel it. I’m not pleased to see her. I don’t think it’s excellent or fantastic that she remembered a pen. I rather wish she’d decided to stay at home today, with or without writing implements.

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