Miss' imaginary friend

As part of their exciting new citizenship lessons, 8VH are studying Cultural and Ethnic Diversity in the UK. I show 8VH a lovely program about a gorgeous little emotionally aware girl who has two mummies who both used to be men. I then try to get 8VH to answer a set of questions that will ideally lead them to the conclusion that they should not be prejudiced against transsexuals, or in fact anyone that appears to have a slightly different life to them. Like for example, Miss, who has decided she can live without knowing who Sierra is, and does not necessarily deserve ceasless mocking for this. Little fuckers. Anyway...

Thursday, half way through period 3

Miss: question 2a D, are there any similarities between your family and hers?

Diana: there aint nothin similar wiv my famly Miss, thats disgustin, don't you go offending my family

Miss: well, look at your "ideal family" brainstorm - are there any qualities you have there that both families have? do yours love and support you [mental kick - who knows if she has a family? haven't checked the CP list today - her dad could beat her instead of love and support her. If she has a Dad. Crap.]

Diana: nah miss but my family aint gays are they?

Miss: well actually, they were transexuals, not homosexuals. Not that that's the point. But you see, a homosexual likes...

Diana: well whatever Miss, it's disgustin and i'm not doin disgusting work like this

Miss: Diana that is a disgraceful attitude. You know how I feel about prejudice views, in and out of my classroom. How would you like it if i said you were disgusting because you are black?

Diana: don't care what you think miss, you're just a teacher int ya
[well that puts Miss firmly in her place...]

Michelle: [pipes up from across the classroom - a sign of how little some of them have got this] not bein funny miss, i'm tryin to engage and that, an i was finkin, i aint never seen a black transexual.

Miss: what?

Diana: yeh cos we're not disgusting like you are!

Miss: there are black transexuals.

Diana: how do you know miss? you aint met one have ya?

Michelle: no-ones met one though have they, which proves it dinnit?

Miss: I have met one actually, one of my mates from uni is a black transexual.

Diana: really miss? eeeerrrggrhh! do you touch him miss?

What is the answer to that? no, i don't molest my imaginary black transexual friend...

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