The children are Demons (and the parents agree)

London just had the hottest ever June 12th. Ii'm managing the heat in my house - it's a basement flat and is relatively cool in the evenings.

School, however, is another story. I teach in a prefab hut next to the bins, which means i have no air-conditioning, no shade, and the stench of warm rubbish to do battle with. That and the children, of course.

In today's news: year 7 end of year exams, of my 90 students 3 thought that children have a right to an ipod under the UNCRC. arg!!

I also got a note from the man who covered my year 9 lesson last week (when I was skiving to see people out of finals, i know, i'm a terrible person) saying "9AD - very poorly behaved. Anli was so drunk I had to call an ambulance. I am sorry so little work was done." Reeling from shock (Anli is a nice, quiet typical Indian girl) I follow this up with the head of year 9. Anli, when revived in A&E, confessed to trying to drink herself to death.

Head of Year 9: "But Why?"

Anli: "Cos Miss, we was in India for the holidays innit (sniff) and our doctor found out i'm (now practically wailing) cursed..."

Hmm... A ruse, surely, to excuse her inexcusable behaviour and stave off exclusion. We phone the parents. Who say Yes, It is Very Sad, she is indeed cursed. That is why she will have done this thing. You must let us know if her behaviour changes. That way we will know to be wary of approaching demons.

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