Fire alarm no 432

The fire alarm went again yesterday, about fifteen minutes into lunch time. A range of groans go up in my office.

"What are they doing? Why do they waste their own lunch time with this rubbish?"
"Why couldn't whichever little twat set it off have done it in period 6 - save me from 9AD!"
We debate staying in the office and getting on with the exam marking, but decide to set a good example, and end up on the common in front of the school trying to stop the year 9s running away.
And then the kids start thinking they smell smoke.
"really miss, can't you smell it?"
"no, I can't. It's probably just because you're thinking about fires."
"nah miss, don't fink so - look at A block, there's bear smoke innit!"
The kids have actually set the school on fire.
On the upside, there were lots of fit firemen running around all afternoon. And in the end I did get saved from 9AD.

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  1. I just think it is so sweet how you feel about teaching. It's not that long since I was one of those kids. The type with so much potential but doesn't push themselves. I'd get a great mark on one test and end up with a U or seen reading the other classes results before I went into the classroom. I can see how I drove people crazy. But what I really hated was teachers that didn't care and wanted to argue back all the time. Like they didn't wan't to be there and took it out on the kids, because they don't like kids. We had to be there they didn't.

    You seem like a great teacher.