The great year 7 tampon tug of war

The year 7s (who last week couldn't say "puberty" without blushing) and I tackled menstruation today.
The class were properly shocked when I first whipped the tampon out of my handbag. Giggles and Laughs and Shrieks even. And shocked, whispered questions:
"but Miss, where does it go?" (I draw pictures and do a little mime.)
"What if the string comes off and it gets lost inside you!?"
"Ok. Lets deal with this. I'll hold the tampon. You hold the string. Now Pull. Nothing? Aisha, help her. Both of you, pull. Tiyanna, can you help? Right. So the three of you pulling together failed to pull off the string. Do we think there will ever be a time when there's a tug equivalent to three year 7s on your tampon? Are we still afraid it will come off?"

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