The day the kids went Mad...

There's this teacher saying, that when it's windy, the kids go mad.
Today was a windy day.
First I got of it was my two year 9 classes - two of my favourite classes - were a bit more noisy than usual. I put it down to the boring lesson the school was making me do (Self Evaluations for their reports).
Then in break time two of my very cute year 7s came running to me, having been "crushed in the year 11 stampede innit".
It all properly kicked off in period 4. Becky is one of my more evil year 10s. She was antagonising Wonu, one of my more mental year 10s. Helen (who I also teach citizenship, and secretly really like) was being awesome, bless her cotton socks, trying to calm Wonu down. Unsucessfully. Becky throwing a pen at Wonu was the last straw. Wonu flew accross the desks and onto Becky, and before I could blink the two of them were kicking and biting and punching like nothing on earth. I (illegally) rushed over, and started to pull Becky off Wonu. Helen (lord love her) pulled Wonu back, and together we managed to pull them apart. Becky's forehead was bleeding, having had the skin practically ripped off, and was standing holding a chunk of Wonu's hair.
Worst bit of it all is that Becky managed to kick and elbow me as I pulled her off. Little bastard.

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