The "inspector" ignores multiple Mr Chips moments...

I've used inverted commas as she is not an inspector, but in fact a (recently sacked) borough advisor in RE. Excellently qualified to advise us for the Ofsted, then (sigh).

Moment of Awesomeness number 1:

A level Citizenship class are looking at a graph of voter turnout.
Miss Jones: Why do you think there's this big bump in 1997?
Talia: Oh, oh, Miss, me Miss! Is it something to do with Tony Blair?
Ade: Yeh, it's his third way innit, becoming more central and in the middle like, with the best bits of liberalism, conservativism, and that crazy one you like, socialistics? That meant there was more brothers voting for him, cos he weren't crazy at all, just in the middle where most folks is.

Moment of Awesomeness number 2:
Cunt-faced inspector of doom interviews students during lesson activity:

CFID: So, if low turnout is a problem for democracy, what could be done to increase it?
Tamique: Well... We could change the electoral system
Clare: That vote counting thing? Yeh! We could use STV, then there wouldn't be all them wasted votes, and you wouldn't get George Galloway, that crazy mans who was on Big Brother innit, you wouldn't get him elected with only 18% of the peple actually thinkin he was alright, how he got 18% tho is still madness to me...
Carly: But it'd be a bit bad, cos people wouldn't really know enough, they'd just vote randomly, wassit, donkey voting aint it.
Ade: We could use AV+, then people would feel they had a proper choice
Carly: You is jokin blud! AV+ would confuse people, you aint going to increase nothing if we confuse folks
Ade: Look woman, if they is educated proper, they'd know! And you wouldn't have no safe seats, so there'd be campaigns and shit in all the places, the constituencies innit, so they'd get educated, and it'd be the parties, like them what donated money, not us tax-payers that'd pay for it
Carly: Ade! You's gonna let people buy votes?!
Ade: nah, I's gonna let people pay to educate, and have proper democracy int I?!

Miss Jones glows with pride. CFID apparently fails to recognise the "excellent levels of learner enjoyment" or "students displaying a high level of subject knowledge" or in fact the implicit "high levels of teacher expertise"

Moment of Awesomeness number 3: (save the best for last!)
Learning Support Assistant to CFID: You should see this group in maths, they're like a different group, the behaviour is terrible
Jian: That's cos Miss makes learning fun, innit.

Honest to god - the words came out of her mouth with no prompting, nothing - I couldn't have scripted it better!!

And yet, no learner enthusiasm seen. Miss is only Good, not Outstanding, as the actual Ofsted inspector thought. Bastards.

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