Miss lets the power go to her head...

Some fool gave me responsibility for Citizenship at KS4 and 5. The following happened in the second Citizenship A-level lesson of the new school year...

Miss: homework essay Amy?
Amy: nah.
Miss: I'm sorry? Where is it?
Amy: aint done it.
Miss: Well I'll see you after school then. You can write it then.
Amy: you will not.
Miss: Amy if I don't see you after school I will not see you back in my lesson. Ever.
Amy: fine. you aint seeing me nowhere.
Miss picks up the phone, calls admin, and tells them to take her off the register.
Amy: what you doin, you mad woman?
Miss: it's sixth form now. I don't have to have you here. So I shan't. You can go now.

It was delightfully fun!!

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