Primary transition projects

A friend of mine has just started her PGCE year. She's spending this week in a gorgeous little primary school in Hampshire, being told by precocious 8 year olds about their holiday plans in Tuscany.
I've been going into local primary schools myself, doing a debating skills project to make them excited (rather than terrified) about coming to "big school". Last tuesday thirty 10 year olds chose a motion on single sex schools.

very sweet little boy: "if it was only gels, dere wouldn't be no chance for dem to mate"

very sweet little girl: "well, akshully, they could meet ova boys, like out of school. Or the teachers, or with dads and big brovas that come to pick them up"

The very nice year 6 teacher was mortified. Poor man. Miss of "when was you last fingered" experience, is unshaken. Ah, what 2 years of experience will do for you...

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