Moving House

I took the summer holidays to move house. I'm now settled in Blackheath. No more charlton cherry boys for me. No more angry yellow "Serious Attack took place here" signs. No more police at the station querying my knitting needles. No more scary turkish men in the shop at the end of the road (but that does also mean no more 2 bottles of quite drinkable wine for a fiver...) Anyhow - point being, new house is lovely.

And back to school this week. Quite lovely, really. Beginning to think I might be stuck in teaching for life. "Didya go away Miss?" "No, I just moved house." "Aw Miss, you aint in Charlton no more? But we liked knowing where you lived!" "hmm" "We'll track you down Miss!" "hmm"

Later that day, I was coming out of my office, and the same girls were passing. They look up at me, truly puzzled. "Miss! I thought you said you moved?"

"Yes, moved house Chanice. I don't sleep in that office."
It's stuff like that that makes me realise however evil they can be, they are really just kids.

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