Skiving is buttaz.

A weird thing seems to have happened. The kids now listen to what I say.

"Can you stop that, and sit down?" and they do. Bizzarre.

Well - more often than not. There are still the occasional Sophie T moments:

Miss Jones: pizza away, Sophie, you know we don't eat in the corridors

Sophie: (taking a giant bite of pizza) what you gonna do about it?

Amber (dancing, court jester like, behind Sophie) yeh, yeh, what you gonna do? eh? eh??

They have a point. What am I going to do? Email their tutor? Shout a little more? Like they care.

But then on the other hand, there are moments like yesterday, when a random year 9 ran into my bottom set year 11 GCSE group, and started hurling abuse. And my year 11s, bless their cotton socks, let all hell loose. "What you doing insultin' our teacher blood?" "yeh, get back to your lesson, skivin's so buttaz".

I couldn't have put it better myself. Skiving is buttaz. Here ends today's lesson children.

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