Muhammad hides behind the veal...

As part of my drive towards community cohesion (and my school's realisation that twelve out of fifteen ofsted criteria relate to it, and therefore my little old Citizenship department) I find myself teaching an increasing amount of religious education.

Today - why Muslims burnt Danish flags after the publication of those cartoons. With my bottom set year 7 class, for whom reading is tricky, writing even more so.

And after a delightful lesson, which mostly involves looking at pictures of Muhammad with a veil, or a blank face, or just a series of beautiful arabic words that describe his personality, we try writing two sentences in summation: "Muslims don't show Muhammad's face because..." and "Instead, Muslims show Muhammad..."

And Rachel, the most delightful little girl you ever had the pleasure of meeting, had written the following:

Instead, Muslims show Muhammad hiding behind veal.


There's another incredibly sweet little girl called Alina Mohammed in this class. She knew all about the Ka'aba, what pbuh him stood for and was first to spot Muhammad in my "where's wally" esque picture game. At the end of the lesson asked me "Miss, do you know how I knew all that stuff?" I played along: "Is it because you're a very bright young lady, Alina?" "No Miss, I's Muslim innit! That's how!!" With sheer delight. Really, Alina Mohammed? I would never have known!

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