"She won you, mate"

Friday's are pretty hellish. I have a full day, not one single free period, and all key stage three classes. On top of this, my NQT has a couple of pretty challenging classes that I have to stick my head into every now and then, and from which I often take a couple of the worst offenders to add to my own problems.

So it's a pretty stressful day. And on a nice sunny day in September, a pretty warm day. And as Jordan so delightfully informed me, "you got sweat patches Miss".

What a charmer.

"Thanks Jordan, you keep your thoughts on that to yourself for now, and we'll discuss them for half an hour at the end of the day".

The whole class erupt into that bizarre noise that only a group of teenage boys can make, with cries of "skeen" and "boyed" coming through the dirge.

"She won you, mate!"

I didn't bother to correct the grammar, and managed to avoid making some sort of wise crack about booby prizes.

It's taken a year in the new place, but I've finally got it. Treat a girl like that and you've made an enemy for life. Jordan grins, and says "yeh, sorry Miss, that was out of order innit". Result.


  1. what would you have said to a girl then? or don't you think girls would have said it (more subtle perhaps?)and why would that have made an enemy of a girl? I find this very interesting, because I, in my bulldozer like way, think that I treat the two genders the same. Hmmmmn.

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