Some choice quotes from exams...

on equality before the law: "it's not true that we are equal before the law. My friend from norway only took 8 months to get a passport, and I am still without one, and the only difference I can see is that I am asian, and she is white."

on stop and search laws: the police can stop anyone, which is good, but only if they have reasonable suspicion. Like for example, if a black man put his hands down his trousers, that would be suspicious"

on the difference between broadsheets and tabloids: "quality papers like the guardian will be more influence on parliament because quality people read them, not just people from woolich"
which is all fair enough, considering.
then there's those that are having a really good jab at it...
on election reform: "first past the post would be fairer because not everyone can get out and vote, like disabled people or mums with loads of kids" and "a by election is an election (where you vote) but it's not quite the same as a normal election. It's different in some ways"
and then there's things like "at the election, each voter is given a polury". A what now?

Remind me why I do this job...?

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