Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day isn't actually for another week or so, but we're commemorating it early as next week we're having a week of action for Haiti, and then there's Fair Trade Fornight. Also, speakers are booked out years in advance for Holocaust Memorial Day itself, and I'm nowhere near that organised.

So anyway, all my ks3 classes have had lessons on the Holocaust and Darfur (my Citizenship agenda makes me link historical lessons like this to current global atrocities, and make them consider what we can do to prevent them or help). And most of my kids have had lovely, compassionate responses, and some chose to write Amnesty campaign letters as a voluntary homework.

However, we also got this gem:

"I feel really sorry for Anne Frank, because all she got for her birthday was a diary, but I got a PS3 which is really good and I can play all these games on it and it's really fun."

Clearly Darren totally got it, then.

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