Michael Gove and the Evaporating Africans


1) Gove spells out education priorities for 'a new era' (these include free schools and more academies

2) An academy in Stockport has become the third school sponsored by the United Learning Trust (ULT) to be judged as "inadequate" in less than a year.

Now, to many this will just be evidence of the liberal conspiracy that is the British Broadcasting Corporation. And I know that one example does not an argument make. But I do think it's worth pointing out that this is the second major news story in the past month focusing on the type of school Gove wants more of, and neither is positive. 

But anyway - here's a wee treat for those of you who only come for the school-based-lolz: 

Question: what can UK citizens do to help former child soldiers in Uganda? 
Answer: we could evaporate all the africans, so that they can be safe with there families.  
(evaporate - evacuate; there - their) 

(PS - who thinks Michael Gove and the Evaporating Africans is just the best title for a children's book ever? plotlines on a postcard please, we can use the profits to open Miss Jones' Citizenship School for gifted and talented Crazies)

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  1. Wow and you are responsible for nurturing young minds . SCARY