Vindicating Dawkins

I'm being forced to teach RE this year (this is what happens when your results are awesome - all your key stage three classes get taken away, and you end up only teaching exam classes. A victim of my own success, me!)

Anyhow, so today's lesson finds me trying to teach a bunch of Nigerian Christians (among others) about reasons for believing, or disbelieving, in God. This includes evolution and the big bang. You would not expect this to be a problem, in 2010.

Lawrence: what, so you're telling me the world was started by an explosion?
Miss: well, that's what scientists currently believe, yes
Lawrence, in the most incredulous tones ever: what, so like, little things, like atoms, can start the whole world? So you mean the whole world is made of atoms? You're trying to tell me that this chair is made of atoms? And trees, in the forest, they're made of atoms? And I'm made of atoms? Whatever Miss! I know you's an athiest, but you should at least try to make it believable!"

The Nigerian Christians all laugh hysterically, like I've suggested they're all made of playdough, or rice crispies, or unwashed socks.

I genuinely cannot believe this happened. I've been doing this five years. Not a lot shocks me. This had me properly speechless.

Of course what I should have said was "YES! That is EXACTLY what I'm saying, you fucking maniac!"

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