Gladder than ever that I don't teach Science

I was asked today what was in the centre of the earth. (This is a year 11, asking, by the way. Well, that's not that bad, you may say. I may not have known what was in the centre of the earth at 16. And at least this kid has the sense to ask. Just wait.)

"Um, I think it's rock, and molten lava, but I'm not sure, I'd have to check."
"rock? lava? mmm" He considers this possibility. "I don't think so, Miss"
"Nah. I reckon it's full of angels and demons, you know, getting ready for the end of the earth. When the angels are going to shank up dem demons. And dinosaurs, I reckon dinosaurs too. And Kunta Kinte."

The rest of the class was more quiet than I've ever known them. We sat there for a moment, utterly baffled. This kid was totally serious.

And then his mate pipes up: "Naaaaah, what you thinking blud! What's they all going to breath down there?"

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  1. I recently remembered you had written these hilarious and bittersweet blog posts many moons ago, and made it a mission to find and re-read them again. Even after all this time, they still don't fail to make me smile.

    From an old LTYT friend :)