Spiffing Shank Fights

Holly gave me a copy of her first novel to read. I think this has something to do with me being the only teacher in the school who appreciates the fact that she can spell. My head of department said, when I pointed this talent out, "oh Sarah, that one's freaky deaky, don't look her in the eyes". Yes. Because children who can spell are well known for sucking your soul out through your eyes. Holly's book is called "Shamrock Abbey" and is essentially Mallory towers with weird little additions. that reveal this child is a product of London's schools. For example, we have the delightful chapter where "they were all having a spiffing time at the midnight feast, when Gwendoline, who was a mean spirited girl, pinched Daphne on the arm, so Daphne took out her knife that she got off a boy down woolwich common and..." and then it descends into a proper fight that kids who grew up on the local estate would try to bring into the corridors. The similarities soon end though: the children in the book all get taken to matron in the hospital wing, who mends their aches and pains with nasty medicine, and after a quick word with the head teacher where disapproval is expressed the bad kids have repented, and it’s all spiffing again.

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