The absolute best thing about my school

is that in a lesson on Children's Right to Education you get the following responses to "Why do some children not get access to their Right to Education?":

"Sometimes, girls don't go to school cause in Africa they think women should do one thing and men should do another thing, and its good cos you learn to be a woman, but it aint so good if you don't want to be a woman and you want to be like a builder or a writer"

"But Miss, it aint always like that, my mum went to school in Africa, and University, and she's well clever" (I dutifully add "some" before "children" in the Learning Objective)

"And sometimes Miss, in Africa they can't go to school cos you got to get water, like when we lived in my country, I didn't go to school cos me and my mum had to get water and grow yams"

"Lots of kids don't get their rights cos they bunk off. But is that what you mean miss? cos it's their own fault innit?"

"I don't get my right to education when Roseanna's in Miss. but that aint often, cos of what Tiyanna just said like"

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