Some happy LGBT month comments

This week the Citizenship department has been celebrating LGBT month with all of key stage three!

We've done prejudice and homophobic bullying with year 7 and 8, and the link between Jamaican Dance Hall culture and homophobia with year 9, using the film Batty Man.

It's been super encouraging, and I'm even more glad than ever that I forced my somewhat nervous NQTs to fully embrace LGBT week (there's fairtrade fortnight and Holocaust Memorial Day this month as well to cram in, so sadly the gays are only getting a week. Sorry guys.)

I've yet to have a lesson where the overwhelming majority of social pressure wasn't pro gay. I've yet to have a lesson where the kids didn't remind each other about how it feels to be bullied, or human rights, or Miss' gay brother. I've yet to have a lesson which I didn't finish by saying "I'm so glad we talked about this today, and I'm so glad most of you are saying such lovely, sensible, mature things."

We've had:

"shut up you fool, peoples all people innit, why you gotta discriminate?"

and "what? It's illegal in Jamaica blud? I ain't going to be kissing no mans or nothing but dats well out of order!!"

and the DELIGHTFUL "you ain't no Christian my vicar would recognise, you're too full of hate to be Christian, don't you never ask yourself what Jesus would do? Don't go bringing your hate on my Jesus' name man". ...

Some weeks my job really just rocks.

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